Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent

Scented Spray

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There’s nothing more precious than time spent with friends. Grab a nice cup of coffee and a warm blueberry muffin and settle in to a long conversation about life’s latest events, your most recent reads, or future plans. Maybe you are relaxed at home? Maybe you are walking outside? Maybe you are at your local coffee shop? In this case, it doesn’t so much matter where you are, but who you are with. The aroma of freshly baked blueberry muffins combined with subtle hints of rich coffee and cream will remind you of time well spent.

TOP NOTE: Cinnamon
MIDDLE NOTE: Blueberry, Coffee
BASE NOTE: Cream, Graham Cracker, Vanilla


  • Made using an odor eliminator base and essential oil infused fragrance oils. 
  • Each scented spray is a 4oz. aluminum bottle with a black spray mist top.
  • Shake bottle before each use and spray 1-3 times.
  • Handmade in by in the USA.

Unlike other sprays and deodorizers that simply mask the odor, our formula eliminates unpleasant and embarrassing odors leaving behind the aroma of fragrances and essential oils for you to enjoy.

Water, polysorbate 20, polysorbate 80, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, sodium laurel sulfate, disodium cubic citrate, citric acid, ethyl alcohol, fragrance and essential oils.