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You are playing among others before bed but are surprised by a boy who does not grow up and a fairy that glows. They invite you on a perfectly thrilling adventure through the window, into the clouds, and toward the second star to the right. Adventure ensues, but eventually you must return home. Let the calming fragrances of lavender and chamomile bring dreams of your next adventure to Neverland.

Scents: Lavender and Chamomile
Scent Strength: Light

Top Notes: Chamomile, Neroli
Middle Notes: Lavender, Rose
Base Notes: Cedar, Powder


We make our candles with the environment in mind. We use soy wax made from soy beans that are sourced from the U.S. We also use a cotton, lead-free wick. We also have chosen to not include dyes in our products. Our goal is to provide a healthy, clean-burning candle and choosing sustainable materials and production methods help us ensure we do so. We strongly encourage you to re-purpose your packaging and glass. Our glass is screen-printed and dishwasher safe. Use soap and warm water to completely wash your finished candle and re-purpose it as a drinking glass or many other things.


Candles can last 5-7 hours per ounce. Be sure to allow soy candles to burn all the way across to the edge of the container the first time you burn it before putting it out. This ensures that your soy candle does not “tunnel” as it burns. Burn your candle 1hr for every inch wide. Keeping your wick trimmed to about 1/4in. to avoid large wicks causing smoking, causing soot, and burning too hot. We recommend that you only burn your candle each time long enough to get a good melt pool. The melted wax will continue to add fragrance to the air.