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The Vault

Below you will find scent blends that we have offered in the past but do not currently have available. If we receive enough requests, we will bring a scent back for a small batch. You can also email hello@highlandbluffstudio.com to see if a scent is available for a custom order. 


Campfire Stories

It’s been another perfect day at camp: canoeing on the lake, fishing, singing songs and playing capture the flag. The air is sweet with woodsy green and the sun is bright and warm. As the sun goes down and the crickets begin to chirp, you’re excited: the best part of the day is just getting started. It’s time to sit around the campfire, make s’mores and tell stories. The earthy, smoky scent of the fire mingles with whiffs of toasted marshmallow as the night rolls on amid laughter and songs.

Scents: Campfire and Toasted Marshmallow
Scent Strength: Strong

Top Notes: Vanilla, Clove
Middle Notes: Vanilla, Cream, Chocolate
Base Notes: Amber, Patchouli, Smoke

School Books 

It’s back-to-school time: it’s time to break out the trusty old book bag. You fill your satchel with this year’s textbooks, and the crisp smell of the pages sends a little thrill of excitement through you - that’s the smell of knowledge. You tuck a few candy apples into your bag for good measure: of course, you fully intend to give them to your teachers, but surely no one will mind if you have one..or two…for a pick-me-up between classes.

Scents: Apples and Textbooks
Scent Strength: Medium

Top Notes: Cinnamon, Sugar
Middle Notes: Apple, Paper
Base Notes: Caramel 


Out of the corner of your eye, you see a white rabbit in a terrible hurry. Maybe it's his finely tailored waistcoat, maybe it's the elegant pocket watch he looks nervously at as he runs along on two legs, but something tells you to follow him. And down the rabbit hole you go, into a wonderland weirder than your wildest imagination. A scent of milky sweetness surrounds you, combined with an unmistakable whiff of adventure.

Scents: Milky Sweetness and Adventure
Scent Strength: Strong

Top Notes: Sugar
Middle Notes: Coconut
Base Notes: Vanilla, Cream