Restock and Shipping Updates

Hello everyone, 

To say this year has been "a challenge" would be an understatement. We have made it to the holiday season, BUT! we have now found ourselves hitting numerous supply delays and shortages. So, I have put together this page to help communicate what this means for restocks this holiday. We have been able to get a small number of glasses for a restock in late-November; however, the glasses are 1/4" shorter than our normal glasses. Since we no longer put a lid inside the top of the candle, we will be able to pour the same amount of candle. These have the same size of artwork as usual. The glass will simply be 1/4" shorter. As we make these glasses available, we will put a note in each listing. After the New Year, we will return to our normal glasses.

Please check back to this page as you plan your holiday shopping with Highland Bluff. It's difficult to express with words how much gratitude that we have for each and every order that we have received this year. We were not able to get approval for an SBA or PPP loan at the beginning of the year. So, your support is what has kept us going and will keep us going! Thank you! If you decide to not shop with Highland Bluff, that's okay. But, please, at least choose to shop with small businesses this year. We need it more than ever! 

Stay well,


Signature Collection

Signature Glass Candles

We will be restocking these during the last week of November in the shorter glass and will have a limited supply of glass. If we sell out of these glasses before the end of the year, we will restock again in 2021. 

Large Tin Candles & Wax Melts

At this time, we have not ran into a supply issues for these products. We will continue to have them available during the holiday as long as possible. 

NerdArt Designs

Unfortunately, our NerdArt designs are the most impacted by supply shortages.
We will put a note on each listing once the inventory has changed to being the shorter glasses. 

Next restock is in 2021

As of Sunday, November 22nd, we have added the last remaining glasses for all NerdArt designs to the inventory, and will not be restocking again until 2021. Once they are sold out, they are sold out for the remainder of 2020. If a design is in this group, we will have added the following to the description: "Available while inventory lasts. Next restock in 2021. Remaining Quantity: X"

Buttery Brew (SOLD OUT)

Emerald City

House Ambition

House Bravery 

House Intelligence (SOLD OUT)

House Loyalty (SOLD OUT)

Fireside Fellowship

Leather Books

Narnian Woods


Night Court

The Doctor

The Child (SOLD OUT)

The Stolen Kingdom

Wizard's Holiday * (SOLD OUT)

* Wizard's holiday will be a re-formulated scent blend and may not smell exactly the same for those of you that have ordered Wizard's Holiday before. 

 Other Notes

  • We are releasing a new packaging box! We are so excited to be making this change. Our previous packaging has a rubber piece that was not very eco-friendly. The new square box will be 100% recyclable. Also, we will be sourcing it from right here in Tennessee. Double-win!
  • Reminder that we no longer include the wood lids. If you need to purchase them separately, they are here


Processing Time = the number of days it takes us to prepare your order for shipping. 
Shipping Time = the number of days it takes your package to travel to you. 

Please keep in mind the difference in these two terms. Once a package leaves our studio, we no longer control how long it takes to arrive to you. In order to determine if your package will arrive by December 25, we recommend that you take a look at the USPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines and the UPS 2020 Year-End Holiday Schedule. Also, keep in mind that these services may be experiencing delays and high-demand due to COVID-19 and may be taking longer than normal.

Last Updated: Sunday, November 22, 2020